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Dave Thorsen WA
Published Monday February 1, 2021

Hello 2021!  We started off last year very strong with some fantastic speakers of Rob Chrisman and Matthew Gardner, only to be derailed by the shutdown of COVID-19.  What we thought might be a short term delay turned into all of 2020, except for the Golf Tournament.  I want to thank everyone that helped contribute to such a successful event as we were able to raise $4,000 each for Rebuild Together South Sound and Charlie’s Dinosaur.   Two great organizations that help so many here in the South Sound.   Be it the Board of Directors, the membership or volunteers/sponsors that were able to participate for that great event, we give you our heart felt thanks for participating and being so generous.

I want to personally thank the board of Robert Lipston, President Elect; Terrie Bethel, Treasurer;  Shannon Patterson, Annual Charity Director; Ryan Steuber, Golf Tournament Director; tournament and Sara Monzo, our Social Media Director.  We’ve added another great individual in Taylor Butler as our newest BOD member who will be replacing Shannon Clemans who will be donating her talent to the wonderful Women’s Counsel of Realtors (WCR) .

We’re hoping we’ll be able to have our annual golf tournament in late spring, early summer as it means so much to the board, the membership and the charities we choose to support.   If that window of opportunity opens, I’ll make sure to get that information out as soon as possible so you’ll be able to get it on your calendars!

We’re not sure when we’ll be able to resume our General Meetings, but hopefully that will come soon.  We want to be able to provide great content in the right format and atmosphere and feel everyone would be best served if we’re able wait for proper time to do just that.   Safety and proper protocol is a must to ensure the health of our membership.  Once the time is right, I’ve been assured that the fantastic speakers we previously had scheduled for last year will make us a priority in their upcoming speaking circuit.   Until that time, we will be patient and look forward to the days we can gather as a group, catch up, share stories and take in some quality speakers and panels.

Please hold off on annual membership dues at this time.   Stay healthy and stay safe.


David Thorsen
President, Puget Sound Mortgage Lenders Association 2021
Branch Manager, Umpqua Bank Home Lending, nmls 115781