Sept 12: Brian Stevens, Co-host of The National Real Estate Post and cofounder of Elecktrik Eye Enterprises

Brian Stevens is the co-host of the popular The National Real Estate Post and has cofounded Elecktrik Eye Enterprises, a marketing company which controls the Listing Booster and KeyboomTV brands. Among their notable achievements, Brian, along with his co-host Frank Garay, were included on the Inman100 as one of the top most influential people in Real Estate & Lending. Their mortgage and real estate videos have received more than 200 million views over the last decade.

Over the years, Brian has traveled the country to discuss relevant industry topics as well as provide vital training to hungry mortgage and real estate professionals with simple, yet powerful marketing strategies. Along the way, he has carefully documented what he’s learned, which translates into quick success for those who attend. "Making a video is one thing; making it in such a way that it retains viewers, secures new subscribers, gets forwarded and generates new business is another." Brian brings fresh ideas and leads the way teaching mortgage and real estate professionals how to market themselves.

When presenting, his delivery is humorous and engaging, often times "stealing the show" when paired with multiple presenters. Feedback is always off-the-charts and everybody loves him! Many mortgage and real estate professionals have mental roadblocks that hinder them from even trying to be unique and successful. Brian tears down those roadblocks and introduces his audience to an exciting and effective method of delivering a potent message to the past, present and future customers.

Brian has a very sharp and often sarcastic whit about him, which along with his “keep it real” approach has proved to be appreciated by most in the real estate and lending industry. “Bringing back the funk” is more than a MortgageShots slogan, it is a personal mantra that reveals his love and passion for this business.

As the founder of MortgageShots, Brian is responsible for creating an unfiltered and engaging delivery system which continues to expand his marketing influence. As an administrator and coach, he pulls no punches and is never at a loss for constructive criticism. He’s come to believe over the years that the best information about the industry comes from opinion sharing and brutal honesty. MortgageShots delivers this content, even if it is not exactly politically correct.

Event details

Start date : September 12, 2019 5:30 pm

End date : September 12, 2019 8:00 pm

Booking end date : September 11, 2019

  Capacity : Unlimited

  Available seats : Unlimited

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45.00 USD